We import from ten family-owned and -operated sake breweries, all in different regions of Japan. We have developed our portfolio slowly, only adding one or two producers, not even every year. We aim for breweries and brands with unique stories, whether it be about the rice they use, their water source, their technique, history, or style. However, we place the greatest value on the people, and we have developed deep and lasting partnerships with people we enjoy.

Makers of Eiko Fuji
Makers of Hakuto
Makers of Watari Bune & Taiheikai
Makers of Izumo Fuji
Makers of Kameizumi Sake
Makers of Chikurin & HouHouShu
Makers of Maboroshi & Seikyo
Makers of Yuki No Bosha & Yuri Masamune
Makers of Fuku Chitose
Makers of Shichi Hon Yari