Hakuto brewery

Makers of Hakuto Sake

The Hakuto Brewery is located on the tip of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture in the town of Wajima, which is prized for its crafts, especially its laquerware, “Wajima Nuri.” The Brewery was founded in 1722 and is now managed by the 9th generation of the Hakuto family.

Kiichi and Akiko Hakuto, The Team

The husband and wife team of Kiichi and Akiko Hakuto met at Japan’s leading sake making school, Tokyo University of Agriculture’s Brewing Institute. Kiichi attended so he could take over his family’s business. Akiko went because of her love of sake. After a few years apprenticing at different breweries, they reconnected, married, and joined forces. Like many of our breweries, this is a true family business with grandparents and children always present in the brewery store and home next door. 

Wajima Town, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture

The Hakuto Brewery is located on the tip of the remote Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture in the small, artisanal town of Wajima. Ishikawa and its capital, Kanazawa, have a deep and rich history and culture. During the late 1600s, Kanazawa became a seat of political and cultural power. The castle and gardens of Kanazawa are still prized destinations today. 

Ishikawa is a famous and important sake producing region, known for two opposing styles—deep, rich yamahais and fruity ginjos. Kanazawa Yeast is the origin of the Brewers Association Yeast #14, which is widely used to make aromatic ginjo. Hakuto does not make yamahai and only makes sokujo, but their sake hints at the full range of Ishikawa sake, showing elegant notes of honey, maple syrup, and winter spice. 

Beyond Kanazawa, Ishikawa is famous for fresh fish, thus, sashimi, from the Japan Sea. Jumbo oysters and seasonal crabs are other Ishikawa delicacies. Ishikawa is also famous for the women abalone free divers who dive only 30 miles from Wajima.  

Wajima is a treasured town, best known for “nuri,” Japanese lacquerware. The area is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The Hakutos’ philosophy and mission is to make sake with the same elegance and sophistication as the fine crafts of their local town. There are many refined restaurants, artisanal foods, and other products made in Wajima. Hakuto aims to live up to the quality and further elevate Wajima. 

Hakuto Sake

Hakuto Tokubetsu Junmai is a perfect representation of their house style—balancing full flavor with elegance and refinement.