Joto Brand

The Joto Brand is a consumer-friendly introduction to craft sake. 

The Joto Brand

From 2005 to 2012, Joto only promoted its breweries and their brands, but, as the U.S. sake market grew, the team saw the need and the opportunity for a brand that would introduce sake to new consumers. Henry searched for a design agency with the ability to combine information and branding, and found the perfect fit around the world, south of Japan, with Parallax Design in Adelaide, Australia. Parallax redesigned Joto’s logo and corporate identity, and created the packaging for the Joto line of sake. The sake is kept in-house with our artisanal producers.

Joto Junmai

We call Joto Junmai “The Green One.” The circle represents the starch at the center of the sake rice grain. 

Joto Junmai Ginjo

We call Joto Junmai Ginjo “The Pink One.” Pink and red are meant to suggest the fruity profile of the sake. The two colors also reflect the use of two kinds of yeast. The silver band represents the second highest level of premium sake. 

Joto Daiginjo

We call Joto Daiginjo “The One with the Clocks.” The 72 clocks indicate the hours it takes to polish a batch of rice to 50% to make this sake. Gold reflects that daiginjo is the highest level of premium sake. 

Joto Junmai Nigori

We call Joto Junmai Nigori “The Blue One.” The blue squares abstractly represent a filter or screen.

Joto Umeshu

We call Joto Umeshu “The Plum One.”

Joto Yuzu

We call Joto Yuzu “The Citrus One.” 

Joto One Cup by Shiro

Ozeki was the first sake producer to make one cup sakes in the 1970s. Larger breweries followed and single servings became ubiquitous, especially at “conbini,” Japanese delis, and at train stations to go with bento boxes. Over the past ten to fifteen years, craft sake makers have jumped into the game with fun designs. There are even “cup sake” bars and stores. Originally, we hired Japanese graffiti artist, Shiro, to create a mural for the back wall of our office. At that time, we were also excited about Kamomidori One Cups, made by our producer, Marumoto, in Okayama. This one cup is the best seller in the local area despite the intense competition from big producers. We combined the two and created Joto One Cup.