Tokubetsu Junmai “Pacific Ocean”

 Tokubetsu Junmai “Pacific Ocean”

Taiheikai, meaning “Pacific Ocean,” was the original brand of the Huchu Homare Brewery when it was founded in 1854. The Yamauchi’s named their first sake after the Pacific Ocean, because Ibaraki is on the ocean, and the ocean is an integral part of the region. Made using Gohyakumankoku Rice, it shares in a certain house style with sakes made from Watari Bune rice — abundant but balanced fruitiness offset by light nuttiness and earthiness. The front label of this sake is a traditional back label, listing important technical information such as that listed below.

Tasting Note
Abundant but balanced fruit offset by light nuttiness and earthiness.

Food Pairing
Serve chilled with yakitori, ramen, and misoglazed cod.

Region: Ibaraki
Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
Seimaibuai: 55 %
Nihonshudo: +2
Acidity: 1.5
Rice: Gohyakumankoku
Yeast: Association #9
Shubo Method: Sokujo
Pressing: Yabuta
Resting: 2 to 6 months in tank
Pasteurization: Once in bottle

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