Joto Sake Cocktail Guide

Sake is a far more versatile beverage than most people realize. Pure and expressive no matter its application, artisan sake can be served chilled, gently warmed, and with a variety of cuisines. From Japanese to Indian, Mexican to Italian, to a big juicy hamburger – there are no rules and no boundaries to enjoy sake.

Craft cocktails open up the world of sake even further. Our cocktail recipes were created, refined, and tested by Kyle Linden Webster of Expatriate, the Portland, Oregon cocktail bar. Each cocktail utilizes our artisanal sake along side other typical craft cocktail ingredients. To offer a range of cocktails for all occasions, there are ten cocktails with full-strength spirits, as well as five cocktails that are intentionally lower in alcohol, mixed only with low or non-alcoholic mixers for establishments without full liquor licenses.

With sake cocktails of this caliber, the applications are limitless. Explore these recipes on their own, with a variety of cuisines, or in your own home, and discover more of sake’s amazing versatility.

Download the Joto Sake Cocktail Guide