Tasting SakeIn tasting saké, we first look for structure. Some sakés are tight, compact, or lean, while others are more spacious and open. Saké also has a wonderful combination of flavors: one saké can have earthy, mushroomy notes offset by citrus flavors; another saké can have deep mellow fruit with a mildly spicy finish.

Sakés also have different “dispositions.” Some are soft, light, and demure, while others are rich, robust and defined. Some saké has a notable chewiness or grassiness, while others are silky smooth.

Lastly, we encourage you to look for the modori-ka, or “return flavor,” which you will sense on your palate and in your nose a moment after sipping saké.

Here are some flavors and aromas you may find: melon, strawberry, apricot, bamboo, rice, white pepper, mushrooms, roasted chestnuts, raisins, anise, chocolate; earthy, gamey, grassy, mineral and citrussy.

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